Saturday, February 02, 2013

Was it worth it?

Even after 54 years all you see when it concerns "Cuba," the pontificators are quick to point out "Cuban Exiles" are the source of all Cuba's ills. This is sickening and tears at the heart of every Cuban.

Let's see, who has been in power for the last 54 years? how is it that a country who once was a worldwide leader in sugar production, now for many years has been regulated to import sugar and basically all their food needs(It's a tropical island!!!!!)? Who has jailed, executed, and imprisoned their own people just for the sake of a difference of a opinion?

Those who rule and those who standby by these rulers by their choice of envy, hate, and the destruction of the Cuban soul. You think you can control many things and perceptions, BUT YOU CAN NOT destroy the very fabric of our soul. You can not control what is in our heart and what we think in our minds.

Now for those who pontificate about how things should be done in regards to all things relating to Cuba.....shut the fuc.. up.........Unless you have had  family members lose everything, imprisoned, tortured, executed, or died in the ocean fleeing on raft! Visiting Cuba for one week does not qualify you as an expert on Cuba issues and open season on ALL Cuban exiles. Shaking the hand of a dictator does not just give you all the knowledge , power, or imprint your soul of all things Cuban!!

Now was all that hate and destruction worth trying to destroy a nation and it's people?

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