Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Cuba for dummies!

Everyone is abuzz about the improved relations between the USA and Cuba! The Pope is about to visit Cuba next month! To help with this, El Cafe Cubano will run a daily post on "tips" about Cuba, Cuban exiles, and everything having to do with Cuba......

Ok Liam and Abigail are you ready?

The Embargo is the root of all of Cuba's problems........NO....no.....even though they can trade with 195 out of 196 countries in the world. The evil USA and the embargo is responsible for ALL Cuba's ills..

Probecito Fidel and Raul.....

Once a leader in the world in sugar production(before the dictator bros) now this tropical island has to import sugar, and food...........YES, this is the USA and the Embargo's fault!

Economic crises: Even though dictator brothers nationalized all the businesses, banks, and properties(millions of dollars) they still needed subsidies from the Soviet Union, and more recently FREE oil from Venezuela, yet the average Cuban wage is about $20 a month?   NO ALFREDO, it's the Embargo fault for all of Cuba's woes! NO STOP IT ALFREDO.......So what if Antonio Castro recently vacationed in luxury in Turkey on a 50 meter yacht!

It's the embargo's fault

All the executions and ALL the  political prisoners in Cuba the last 56 years..............NOOOOOOOO Alfredo,
Cardinal Ortega said that their are NO political prisoners in Cuba! Anyway they deserved it because according to the Godfather(authentic source of Cuban history) movie ALL Cubans were snooty, mafia members, worked for Meyer Lansky, and ALL Cuban women were prostitutes.

It's the embargo chico!

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