Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cuba for Dummies!!

Everyone is abuzz about the improved relations between the USA and Cuba! The Pope is about to visit Cuba next month! To help with this, El Cafe Cubano will run a daily post on "tips" about Cuba, Cuban exiles, and everything having to do with Cuba......

OK you classic car lovers you......

The lesson for today is: How to spot a Cuban-American!

El Café Cubano has come up with a guide for you to SPOT a Cuban right away without having to check his Cubiche card for verification, a Cuban litmus test if you will:

1) We wake up in the morning saying,” I have only two things in this world, my balls and my word”

2) When we get home in the evening we say “Lucy I’m home”

3) We finish every sentence with “Meng”

4) We all eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day at Versailles

5) In Cuba, our families worked in casinos with Meyer Lansky, and ALL of us brought our millions to the United States. What we have is because of “special treatment”

6) Santeria is our official religion and practiced by every single Cuban

7) At lunch every day we play the bongos

8) We ONLY listen to CUBAN music and specifically the song Guantanamera

9) We all drive 1959 Chevy’s

10) We all live in Hialeah and Little Havana, not Miami Lakes bro

11) We ALLSMOKE cigars

12) The Godfather movie is our OFFICIAL guide to Cuban history before the dictator bros took over!

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