Saturday, May 20, 2006

The attack on FREEDOM fighters

Fellow FREEDOM fighter Jose, at Cubanology, has written an article that describes the tactics that the dictator is using and how they are unleashing contaminated e-mails against FREEDOM fighting websites.

Jose says it best here:

"This is Castro's worse nightmare, the "Unity" among Cubans, we are aware of these hackers but we are not going to retaliate, we don't need to. We have the upper hand because we are 100% righteous, we are not preaching any fake ideals to the world like Castro does, we are communicating the "Truth" about the "True Situation" in Cuba, now and for the last 47 years. We are strong supporters of human rights, freedom and justice for all, that's the only way to live a normal life. These are the necessary fundamentals of life that we are given when we are born, so when they are taken away from us, then we are being manipulated and this is how the communist system works."

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