Thursday, May 18, 2006

A promise is a promise!

Here at El Cafe Cubano frustration was at a high level this week! The viscious attacks continue in e-mail form and I am wondering "Is it worth it?" A resounding "Yes" because I made a special promise or vow if you will in honor of someone special to me.
I want to thank those who continually support me and continue the fight! A FREEDOM fighter died last week and he spent almost 30 years in prison standing up to the dictator. We need to stand up for these true heroes and spread the truth and to bring FREEDOM to apartheid Cuba.

Bring the azucar, El Cafe Cubano is back!


Anonymous said...


We are always with you! Miercoles, give me some Cafe Cubano y arroz con coco!
By the way: Down with communism

El Cartagenero

Orlando said...

It only goes to show that your efforts are paying off. If it pisses them enough to try keep you from expressing your mind, then good!

Orlando said...


I am going to be in San Antonio next month...are you anywhere near there?