Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cuba and Venezuela fund Coca leaves

Really? I would of never guessed it, what a shock, alert the MSM, wait a minute they still working on the expose of the dictator's $900 million and his bank accounts?

MSM currently working on these topics after 47 years:

*The dictator is really a communist(They still need several years on this)

*Cuba is a Apartheid country(Still investigating even though the hotel they stayed in Cuba would not allow Cubans)

*Eusebio Penalver the longest- serving black political prisoner and a true hero( MSM will not do because the lack of reggae songs in honor of him and because he was anti-communist)

*Executions actually happened and there are actual political prisoners(MSM spokesperson mentioned that there is not enough evidence even though thousands have been documented, books have been written, survivors have lived to tell, but more evidence is needed!)

*** More topics to come, but it will take another 47 years to investigate!

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Orlando Furioso said...

Well at least until fidel dies, and he is expected to live to 140 years.