Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cuba Search Engine

Apartheid Cuba continues to deny FREEDOM to the Cuban people. Now it's the idiotic Cuba search engine which only searches the dictator's speeches and only government sites. No sites outside of Cuba, like those bloggers to your right are not on the search engine? Now it gets really sad and unbelievable: The dictatorship blames the lack of Internet access on the United States!Ramiro"cuidado que te voy a dar un tiro" Valdes here with a idiotic quote:"Despite the fact that international fiber optic cables run very close to Cuban shores, the rules of the blockade prevent connection to these," No, it's your ruthless dictatorship that is causing this lack of Internet access to the people!!

For 48 years the dictatorship has blamed every single problem on the United States. STOP it! You commie thugs who live in lavish wealth are responsible for the conditions in Cuba. let's do a responsibility check:

Who has run Cuba for the last 48 years?
Who is responsible for all the political prisoners and executions?
Who controls the media and all forms of communications?
Who implemented the rationing system?
Who destroyed one of the world's best sugar and coffee crops?
Who nationalized all the businesses?
Who is one of the richest person in the world, while the country is one of the poorest?
Who restricts the people on who they can associate with, what beaches they can't go to and what hotels that they are not allowed in?
Who refuses cell phones to the Cuban people?
Who refuses access to T.V stations outside of Cuba?
Who is responsible that 10% of the population has fled Cuba?
Who is responsible for the lack of food and medicine, yet they can't get any food or medicine from any country besides the U.S.?
Who is responsible that no Cuban is not allowed to own any property, yet many foreign investors have hotels in which Cubans are not allowed?
Who is responsible for no FREE elections in 48 years?
Who has erased many Cubans from history?
Who beat up the Ladies in White?
Who arrested Dr. Biscet for the simple act of disagreeing with the communist government and speaking out against abortions?
Who owns bank accounts with millions and houses throughout the world with no accountability?
Who removed Christmas and religion for many years in Cuba?
Who said he was not a communist and committed to democracy, yet installed one of the most repressive regimes in this hemisphere?
Who hates his own people and country that he destroyed everything for his own personal gain?
Who is responsible for calling others 'mafia" and yet one person and several family members have controlled everything for 48 years?
Who is responsible for all the instability in Latin America?
Who is responsible for conditions that are so bad, that many have fled on inner tubes and rafts?
Who ordered the execution of Humberto San Marin even after telling San Marin's mother not to worry, that nothing will happen to her son?
Who is responsible for the punishment pavilions used in Cuba?
Who is responsible for the use of the Ho Chi Minh poles on political prisoners?

The list goes on and on....

So who is blaming who?


St. Jose said...

Castro es el único responsable de todas las miserias de nuestro pueblo.

He´s gonna burn in hell.

Viva Cuba Libre.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fcuking retards! They are responsible for what they have done .Their high school, I should say pre school behavior will bury them all. Ditto VIVA CUBA LIBRE Y VIDA. Give me Liberty or I'm taking it! How'd you like that one ALFREDO? He He. You Rock Dude!

Anonymous said...

New Cuban Search Engine? What's so new about that? Cubans have been searching for engines the last 48 years!

Maria said...

That's right!!! You tell them Alfredo!!! The SOBees live in luxury and have everything they want, while the people go hungry and have no freedom and no rights. There is no justice, 48 years and counting. I give up my friend.

Anonymous said...

you should also ask:


who do cubans fear more than Fidel? Miami mafia.

why is fidel still in power? and why does it look like raul could rule that country for the next 20 years without trouble?


Anonymous said...

Ok who wrote the comment before this one-is that you fidelito?

Anonymous said...

Someone just posts a hypothesis, and all of a suddent, this person is "fidelito". Cubans, whether left or right, whether in Havana or in Miami, have mob mentality, no?

Even the very conservative hoover institution has noted that the embargo has given Fidel soft power.

Why the Embargo Doesn’t Work"

Anonymous said...

from the above noted hoover publication.

"One might ask, who knows better how to deal with Fidel Castro? A few Cuban-American legislators who have lived in the United States for decades and represent militantly anti-Castro constituencies with their own understandable (but misguided) agendas and their declining supporters around the country? Or the people of Cuba, including the dissidents on the front lines and in jail? The latter, of course, and Cubans generally and the dissidents in particular want to see more Americans, not fewer, on the island. Embargo supporters, however, promise fewer visitors but more moral and material support for the dissidents. Two years ago, Palacios told me that dissidents are very uncomfortable with aid from abroad, particularly from Washington, even when they take it, because it “burns.” It certainly “burned” the 75 dissidents arrested in early 2003 because the Castro regime used contacts with the U.S. government and receipt of support from Americans to “prove” democratic advocates were agents of American imperialism. "

Anonymous said...

So what's your solution brain child? Oh and please stop the labeling bc you cauld call us all "Oranges" and it makes no difference, ok Fidelito? LOL :P

Anonymous said...

Now we all have mob mentality... where does this nonsense stop? If you consider defending the truth mob mentality then... Im on board.

Anonymous said...

Another intellectual..oh brother.

Anonymous said...

Viva Cuba Libre Y Vida!!!!!!!

Alfredo said...

Mr. anonymous,

You said: "who do cubans fear more than Fidel? Miami mafia." What kind of statement is that? You're either for or against the dictatorship, no middle ground here. The post must of really hit a nerve and we all know it's the truth. We can have arguements and discussions all day long about the embargo, but one thing for sure:


No justification, rationalization, divisional ploy, or anything can justify the apartheid dictatorship. NOTHING!!!! let's see... ONE FAMILY HAS CONTROLLED CUBA FOR 48 YEARS, I believe the term MAFIA applies here. As you can see I never censor anything here, it's total FREEDOM. Try this in Cuber and see what that gets you?

"raul might rule for nother 20 years" This might happen because outside of Cubans, NO ONE HAS THE GUTS TO PRINT OR SAY THE TRUTH. THE MEDIA HAS HELPED THIS BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP BECAUSE THEY ARE LEFTIES. If they were of the right, THE MEDIA WOULD OF HAD A FIELD DAY LONG AGO!

ONLY ONE FAMILY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION IN CUBA, SO THE blame game is old and no one believes it anymore.

Fidelito, looks like you have had some else assigned to monitor my blog. Monitor away, JUST THE TRUTH, JUST THE TRUTH!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Alfredo!

viv said...

The term "Miami mafia" was first used by Castro. Of course Castro hates us we are nonstop letting the world know about his evil regime. Here we can speak up unlike the people of Cuba. Castro is the biggest mafioso I know, he's a criminal and a thief too. The Cuban exile in Miami or anywhere wish the best for Cubans and it doesn't include any Castro.

Anonymous said...

by the way, some cubans do have cell phones. The question is of price, not of prohibition.

I call my girlfriend there all of the time on her cell phone.. so that is wrong to say they don't (most of her classmates also have cell phones).

Fantomas said...

the only classsmates in cuba that have cell phones are the daugthers and sons of the coroneles, capitanes, del ejercito, in other words the nomenclatura ..the oppressors of the cuban people
it is not a money issue , it is a reppressive isue

Carlos said...

Dear informed reader,
I was interested to stumble upon your blog while researching international Cuban medical brigades. I noticed, though your blog seems to be quiet full of commentary and rederick, it does not seem to have to many concrete facts. It makes me wonder just how informed on Cuba (and the rest of latin america)the commentators. I will not bore you with my opinion. But I will inform you of some facts you may not be aware of. Although , Cubans may not have as many cell phones as the rest of the world, they do have more doctors per capita then the rest of latin america and the united states. The life expectancy is equal in Cuba to that of the US, also Cuba dedicates more of its budget per capita and percent wise to education. Secondary school enrolement sits at 81% while in the US it is 97%, enrollement falls to 13% for tertiarary level education while in the US it is at 81%. Cuba has also been named as the only country with environmentally sustainable economic development. Since, I'am almost sure that the automatic reponse is to claim these sources are bias, they are from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Human Development Report and the WWF. Here are the websites:
For those of you who are not swayed by these figures, I would suggest visitng latin America and Cuba. Since I am almost positive anyone with analytical abilities would be able to see how much better off Cuba is then the rest of Latin America.

With all do respect,
Viva Fidel, la revolucion, y Cuba.

Long live Fidel, the revolution and Cuba. Since Im sure many of you dont speak Spanish.