Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mini-me makes Ramiro SWEAT!!!!

FREEDOM fighter George of the Real Cuba points out that mini-me made Ramiro "cuidado que te voy a dar un tiro" sweat with his comments:

"Chávez in Cuba: The Venezuelan clown spoke too much and made Ramiro Valdes sweatHugo Chávez went to Cuba last weekend to broadcast his weekly radio program from che Guevara's monument in Santa Clara.
On Saturday, Hugo met with Castro and all indications are that he found the Cuban dictator in much worse shape than when he saw him four months ago.
And if you look at the photos that were released after their meeting, it is not difficult to see why Hugo was so pessimistic. I have seen corpses that looked healthier than the Cuban dictator did.
On Sunday, Chávez traveled to Santa Clara with Ramiro Valdes, one of the regime's most feared thugs, who became famous at the beginning of the "robolution" for torturing and murdering those who were opposed to the Cuban regime.
With Cuban official media broadcasting live all the incidences of Chávez's visit, the Venezuelan clown kept talking and talking, and as always happens during his bouts of verbal incontinence, he screwed up big time.
Inside the che Guevara museum, Chávez begins to talk about the times when he and Castro went to Guevara's house in Argentina and says that he doesn't think that they would be able travel together again. He then refers to his last meeting with the Cuban dictator and says that he doesn't know if that would be their last one.
This was just too much for Ramiro Valdes who knew that this was being broadcast live in Cuba. He starts sweating, removes his military cap, takes out his handkerchief and dries his forehead, but Chavez keeps his verbal diarrhea going. Ramiro finally cuts him off saying "Hay Fidel para rato," (there is Fidel for a long while) and Chávez finally gets the message that he is not supposed to say that Castro is almost dead and repeats "Of course there is Fidel for a long while."
Later, when Chavez's radio program finally began, he received a call from the Cuban dictator and when he is told that Castro is on the line he yells "Viva Fidel," but Castro didn't sound too happy.
"Now you say viva Fidel but a little while ago you said that I was almost at the end, that you didn't know if you were going to see me again," Castro told him.
Chávez didn't know what to say. It was one of the few times when the Venezuelan clown has been left speechless.
Click here and then move the dial to 23:00 to hear Chávez saying that this was probably his last meeting with Castro and see Ramiro Valdes sweating.
Click here and then move the dial to minute 43:55 to hear Castro telling Chávez that he almost killed him"

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Anonymous said...

I saw it! Ramirez looked like he want to gag Hugo. For Hugo, one day his mouth will get his whole face into trouble...