Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The original "Cane"

Not many people knew that the original idea for “cane” was submitted years ago by El café Cubano and rejected by Hollywood. The screenplay involved a maniacal dictator who comes to power in 1959. Through lies and deception he renders a tropical island called Cuber to poverty and slavery. Cuber is robbed of it’s soul and every fiber of culture, family, and religion are destroyed.
The main character, Fidel Castro(played by Charles Manson), is a know it all, but in reality knows nothing! The secondary character, raulita castro(played by Pee Wee Herman) is a tormented soul dealing with several “issues” with adult beverages and gender issues. Vilma Espin(played by Janet Reno) is raulita’s wife in this made for T.V drama. Tricky Ricky alarcon(played by woody harrelson) is the character that everyone would love to kick his as… Ramiro ”cuidado que te voy a dar un tiro” is played by James Brolin.

Murder, Mayhem, political prisoners, apartheid system, no freedom, thugs, and a dictator is what this NEW SAGA is about!

Hollywood declined because they said:

“who would believe this”

“but.. they have free education and healthcare?”

Well…time to work on another screenplay…

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Anonymous said...

perro roque could be played by buck :)