Friday, October 19, 2007

Rumor Friday

....Ramiro "cuidado que e voy a darun tiro" went ballistic and had an anxiety attack after mini-me chavez was referring to the dictator in the past tense during the show Alo Presidente.... Ramiro was overhead yelling: " I would of capped the sucker back in the day!"

...rumors are spreading that the dictator used steroids during his marathon 8 hour speeches, officials deny the rumor... insisting that it's demonic possession, NOT STEROIDS!....still links to Balco remain.....

..."Tricky Ricky" Alarcon will appear with wolfman blitzer on CNN for 3,501th time.

....the dictator was a great Hockey player and actually turned down an offer to play for the NY Rangers.... "I believe the game is to violent, I would rather whack my political opponents." the dictator was quoted back in 1958.

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