Wednesday, October 10, 2007

URGENT: George of Real Cuba

"Tonight, October 10, on Hannity and Colmes
On Wednesday, October 10, I will be a guest on Fox News Hannity and Colmes to show, for the first time on national television, videos taken inside Cuban hospitals without the Cuban government's approval.
Earlier on that same day, I will be on Miami's Channel 41 "A mano Limpia" with Oscar Haza to also show those videos.
Channel 41 can be seen on your TV, if you live in South Florida, and also on the Internet if you live somewhere else.
Go here: and then click where it says "Señal en Vivo" This program begins at 8 PM EST and lasts until 9 PM.
Hannity and Colmes begins at 9 PM on Fox News (cable), but the segment about Cuba should air around 9:30 PM. "


Anonymous said...

Alfredo you are on TV now..


Vas a matar a Bucky del corazon

Alfredo said...

no,no, no, it's Goerge of Real Cuba