Thursday, January 10, 2008

Against my better judgement

After several years of blogging against the apartheid dictatorship, my computer has crashed several times and has been infiltrated by viruses obviously sent by the internet commies. I removed my e-mail from my profile about a year ago. Against my better judgement, once again my new e-mail(well not really, the FREEDOM fighters already know it) is now posted on my profile. Please Blind Carbon Copy all mass e-mails and I will not open any attachment if I DONT know you.


buck hates FREDO said...

who cares about your e-mail and we can render your e-mail and your illegal Cuban site useless at anytime..your feedjit can not track me you fool

Alfredo said...

Happy New Year Uncle Buck,

So what you are saying is: that YOU are responsible for the virus attacks? What have I done to you? I have the God given right to express my views and NO ONE including YOU cant take that away! Have I EVER censored you? Let's have meaningful expression instead of name calling(I am not illegal)
If you are SO brave try to hassle some of the other bloggers?

Anonymous said...

I can think of one thing that rhymes wth buck. Lol! Signed, A VERY LEGAL CUBAN AMERICAN.