Sunday, January 13, 2008

Code Pink in Little Havana

Code Pink (COMMIES!) were in Little Havana yesterday stating that Posada Carriles is a terrorist and should be arrested. Funny how they never mention the apartheid dictator of apartheid Cuba and mini-me chavez of Venezuela?
They left with their tails between their legs, because they simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND!
Have they EVER been imprisoned or tortured simply for wanted FREEDOM?
Have they ever had their property seized?
Have they ever had a loved one die at sea escaping apartheid Cuba?
Have they ever had to stand in ration lines?
Have they been denied access to hotels, beaches, and establishments in their OWN COUNTRY!
What about all the executions?
What about ALL the political prisoners?

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet buck was wearing a pink skirt that day.