Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Cuba release 'could lead to US lifting embargo"

Blah..blah..blah ..just because Cuba has released SOME (NOT ALL) political prisoners.. the media believes or assumes that the embargo will automatically be lifted and that things will change in Cuba. Past history tells us NO!(51 years by the way). Political prisoners have been released in the past and NOTHING ever changed. Please before some of you declare Cardinal Ortega for sainthood and raulita for the Nobel Peace Prize, look at all the atrocities that have been enforced on the Cuban people! Let's reflect on all those who have been executed and imprisoned! The dictatorship is in power illegally and no matter the spin or media manipulation, this illegal government has no ground to dictate what is right for Cuba and if their is change, should they have a say? Remember this regime took power behind guns, murder, executions, kidnapping, and terrorist acts.

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Anonymous said...

only by removing the castro criminals will change occur