Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Texas rice farmers hopeful for end to Cuba embargo"

This here Cuban-Texan cames across this article from the fellow FREEDOM fighting blog Babalu. Ya'll this here article is about some fellow Texans hooting and hollering in Egypt, Texas about ending the embargo.This dawg was fixing just to read this article and move on....but something inside me said..."this dawg don't hunt!!!"

Ya'll Texas Rice farmers, I know times are tough and ya'll want people to feel your pain....but Cuber has been ruled by a brutal communist dictatorship for the last 51 years. Executions and imprisonement have been synonomous with this regime. If you want to do bidness with the dictatorship and make money fine, say so and be honest. Don't go hooting and hollering about Free healthcare and education dung(because that is what everyone does when they do bidness with Cuber), because this dog don't hunt! Don't come back hooting and hollering about how poor cuber suffers because of the U.S. None of that...or we'll have to take you to the woodshed!!

Now about feeling your pain....My family and thousands more came over from Cuba with NOTHING after having EVERYTHING taken away simply because they did not tote the communist line. My parents worked 2 to3 jobs to support their family in this GREAT country that provided them FREEDOM! I don't believe we received any sympathy or empathy from the Texas Rice farmers and the fact today everyone disregards what the Cuban exiles have to say or what they stand for.

So sorry this Cuban-Texan does not feel your pain...Ya'll are Americans...pull up your boots and make it work without having to depend on a tyrant for business.

This is not a conservative or liberal's what's right thang!

Now  I love this quote from the article:

"Members of Wynn's family have been working their land in Egypt since the 1800s. They are solid Texas A&M Aggies, and they're glad to pepper conversations with jokes about the University of Texas Longhorns"

Ya'll ..I'll have to admit to chuckle about this..but in my family we pepper jokes about the Aggies!!!

GO RED RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angel Garzón said...

Short and sweet. Texas style indeed. Well said Alfredo, it's a shame some Texans have to be reminded what that means.

I'm a Longhorns fan myself, the Aggies may as well just move to Oklahoma AFAIAC.

Alfredo said...

Thanks Angel!