Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oscar's Cuba December Update

Update on potential release of Dr. Oscar Biscet

Dr. Biscet and a small group of Cuban prisoners of conscience have demanded that their release from unjust imprisonment not be contingent upon their permanent banishment from the country. Although Dr. Biscet's supporters are cautiously optimistic that Oscar will be released, the Cuban government has already broken its earlier promise that all prisoners of conscience would be released by early November. We ask for your continued prayers that of of Cuba's prisoners of conscience be released without conditions.

                            University tour brings Dr. Biscet's message to students

The Oscar's Cuba University Tour has brought Dr. Biscet's story and message to hundreds of university students across the country. Tour stops so far have included the University of Central Florida (11/2), University of South Florida (11/4), University of Michigan (11/5), University of Notre Dame (11/6), Harvard University (11/16) and Tufts University (11/17). In the coming weeks Oscar's Cuba will also screen at George Washington University in DC (12/6) and the University of Washington in Seattle (1/21), among others.

                                 Successful screening at the Czech Embassy

Oscar's Cuba was presented at the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC on November 18th, 2010. Attendees included Carlos Gutierrez, former Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush, Mr. Daniel Kostova, the Charge d'Affaires of the Czech Embassy, Mr. Andras Bacsi-Nagy, Hungarian Deputy Chief of Missions, and Dr. Angel Garrido, Vice President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights. The event was hosted by the Czech and Hungarian Embassies.

                               Oscar's Cuba DVD now available for purchase!

This 60-minute video documentary presented in Spanish and English tells the story of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, a prisoner of conscience serving a 25-year prison sentence for the crime of "disrespecting the revolution" through his promotion of human rights, democracy and respect for human life in Cuba. Spanish and English language options are available on the same DVD, which also includes other video clips and extras. Movie posters, bumper stickers and t-shirts are also available through our online store

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