Friday, December 03, 2010

WikiLeaks cables on Cuba

"Cuba allows Colombian and Spanish groups branded as terrorists to rest and get treatment on the island"

No me digas Chico? Don't need WikiLeaks for that info....HOW MANY YEARS HAVE CUBAN EXILES BEEN SAYING THIS????

"The cable also touches on corruption, Cuba's penetration of dissident groups, the Catholic church, the potential for street protests and Havana's strong intelligence capabilities."

Stunning...schocking...they seemed lie a nice regime?? AGAIN..HOW MANY YEARS HAVE CUBAN EXILES BEEN SAYING THIS????

``We have reliable reporting indicating the presence of ELN, FARC and ETA members here in Havana." could of asked any Cuban exile and they could of told you this!!! Any Clueless journalist can get what's really going on by talking to Cuban exiles and the opposition inside of Cuba...."A NojojadaswewilltellyouthetruthWikiLeaki"

Tell us something we don't know Vernon!

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