Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"you must open your heart"

During the Christmas season many experience a wide array of emotions ranging from sadness to joy! I give thanks to God for the many blessings that I have, but I must admit my attitude this Christmas wasn't all warm and fuzzy. A suggestion that "you must open your heart" from a person who for the last 21 years has basicallly shown no affection and is always highly critical. Also during the holidays I overheard a guest in our place of residence, in a rather loud voice, saying he was furious because his son speaks Spanish like a "Cuban." I kept silent, and went on being very hospitable. I don't understand....All I want is to be treated with respect and in turn will do the same.

The same with the Cuban people....All we want is FREEDOM, yet we are tortured, executed, imprisoned, exiled, ridiculed in the media, and hated by the Cuban dictatorship. The dictatorship NEVER the one to change, but the Cuban people have always had to bear the brunt of ALL THE FAILURES OF THE REVOLUTION.

...and in closing...we eat roast pork for Christmas because that's WHAT WE DO!

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