Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cuba news: T-shirts for those traveling to Cuba!

                              El CAFE CUBANO T-SHIRT SALE!!!!!!!

In the spirit of the renewed relations beyween the U.S and Cuba, El Cafe Cubano blog has T-shirts for those traveling to Cuba!!!!

For only $19.59 you get at tie dyed t-shirt, one size fits all(In the spirit of the Cuban government way of thinking), and you will go in style to Cuba!

You can chose from these catch phrases and slogans to bring both countries closer together:

"Comemierda tourista"    English translation: Friendship

"El comunismo es una mierda"   English translation: These 1950's cars are COOL!

"Cuomo es un postalista"   English translation:  Cuomo really CARES about the Cuban people!

"que clase comemierdas somos nosotros diciendo La Paz" English translation: Just say PEACE and Cuba will be FREE

"LIBERTAD para Cuba!!!"   English translation:  Spirit of friendship and brotherhood!!!

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