Wednesday, April 22, 2015

La Paz......REALLY?

How many times have we heard from the "FEEL gooders" throwing out the buzzwords like "La PAZ" or dialogue on social media? Somehow by saying these buzzwords just POOF peace will happen?

Well, for decades the FARC in Colombia have been terrorizing the Colombian people with their Leftist ideology and Cuban training.

The Colombian people are OUTRAGED with the recent actions of the FARC killing 10 Colombian soldiers....

YET not one PEEP against the Cuban Dictatorship that BACKS and FINANCES the FARC.

and there are holding the peace talks in Cuba? You are freaking kidding me.........That's like having an AA meeting in a bar, and FREE drinks flowing.

To my fellow Colombian brethren, wake up, you can't DEAL with terrorist, and YES the FARC are financed and backed by the Cuban dictatorship.

So stop the comemierderia of saying "La Paz" or "dialogue" and really do something for your country and denounce these terrorist.

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