Monday, April 27, 2015


This past Sunday I attended mass with my family to thank God for all my blessings and forgiveness for all my sins! We leave our local Church and we pick up some publications on our way out. One of these publications is the Florida Catholic. I start thumbing through the pages and come across an article titled :

" Apply Cuban Adjustment Act to other Immigrants"

Now within the last several weeks I have seen the increase of articles repeating the tag line that Cubans get "Special Treatment" with regards to immigration. I have had that said to me from other immigrants(here illegally) from other countries other than Cuba, but when I school them on the Cuban situation and what encompassed the Cuban Adjustment Act, they look at me with a blank stare. The majority of them here because they overstayed their Visa, BUT they DEMAND all these benefits. Now MANY not ALL did not leave their country of origin because of persecution or because of their beliefs.......simply economic

Now above we have a picture Augusto Monge, Cuban-American activist, who was attacked by a PRO CASRTO MOB at the the summit of the Americas in Panama.

You see that is why many of the millions of Cubans fled the COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP island run by thugs, as you can see in the picture above, that is one of the "SPECIAL TREATMENT" Cubans, and AMERICANS of Cuban descent have suffered just for believing in FREEDOM and having an opposing view from the Cuban dictatorship.

As I continue to read the article, I come across these quotes from Archbishop Wenski: 

"Cubans have been the most successful immigrant group in American history. Aside from their own talents, one of the reasons is the Cuban Adjustment Act, under which they can obtain legal residency after a year of being here, and citizenship five years later"

Oh I see.......It's NOT ALL THE HARD WORK, SACRIFICES, EVERTHYING that the Cubans have had to to endure from the Cuban DICTATORSHIP ranging from TORTURE, IMPRISONMENT, CONFISCATION OF PROPERTY. It's NOT the Cuban exiles seeing the BEAUTY and the OPPORTUNITY that the United States has to offer, AND that tini, tine thing, called FREEDOM.

Here is another beaut:

"Because Cuban immigrants benefit from this law, we should not ask that they be abused like the rest; we should treat everyone as well as we treat Cubans, because if the Cuban Adjustment Acts works for Cubans, it can work for every-one else"

I see...unbelievable

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