Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cuba News: The Cuba issue is resolved

Over the last several weeks in the media, I've seen non-stop articles on how Cuba will AUTOMATICALLY change and be RESOLVED because of:
*Basketball Diplomacy
*Dictator Castro went to a Jesuit School and since the Pope is Jesuit and visiting Cuba shortly......and POOF change will happen
*NY Governor Andrew Cuomo visits Cuba on a trade mission....Abracadabra........All these visiting states will get rich from trade and Cuba will change!
*The tourist foaming and taking pictures of the 1950's cars in Havana
*Removing Cuba from the terror list will make them simply nicer and NOT ship any more missiles to hostile countries
Simply by saying "La Paz" and "Dialog" in a very soft and very caring voice will automatically bring peace, FREEDOM, and prosperity to the Cubans!



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