Monday, May 11, 2015

"Castro: Pope Francis so impressive I might return to church"

Dictator Castro "MIGHT" return to the church, if let's see, the Vatican helps with the removal of the embargo and removing Cuba from the terror list?

I hope the Vatican pressed the dictator on:

-Stop BEATING up the Ladies in White on the way to Church
-Stop aiding and abetting the FARC in Colombia
-The release of ALL Political Prisoners
-FREEDOM of speech, religion, and of the press
-FREE Elections
-Regime change after one family in power for 56 years
-Accountability for ALL the executions
-All the wealth stolen from the Cubans returned back to the Cubans
-Stop CONSTANTLY HARASSING the Cuban people
-What happened to Oswaldo Paya?
- STOP the Travel Restrictions and the Family Separation
-Stop sending weapons and missiles to terrorist countries
-Removal of over ALL castro spies in Miami.
-Did Fidel really sellout Che?
-What's the deal with spermgate, and why were political prisoners in Cuba NOT given the same "SPECIAL TREATMENT?"
-Stop "LATINO" activist and comedians from HATING and RESENTING Cubans and not have Cubans EXCLUDED from the exclusive "LATINO" Club
-pay for the dental work for Allan Gross
-APOLOGY to the CUBAN people for ALL the atrocities committed against them.

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