Tuesday, May 19, 2015

elian gonzalez interview

Here is a HARD HITTING interview with Elian........well NOT REALLY, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Jim Avila conducts the SOFTBALL interview(Did Al Madrugal check to see if Jim Avila LATINO Enough?)

"A icon in Cuba"  I thought the dictator of Cuba was NOT going to use Elian politically?

"Whose father stood up to the United states" NOPE, whose father who DID NOT stand up against the dictator of Cuba. Well let's see Jim, why don't you ask the silent father, how many times did he attempt to flee to the US before the Elian drama? Why don't you ask the father if he knew that Elian LEFT with his mother to the United states on a raft?

Who orchestrated this interview??? Is it coincidence the timing of this interview?

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