Wednesday, November 08, 2006

History repeats itself

I can not understand how a man like Ortega, who committed atrocities against mankind, has never been arrested or prosecuted for his crimes? The mansion that he lives in was stolen and nothing? Lefties commit crimes and they are first to say "let's forgive" "amnesty" or " I am a changed man." Now if your are not a socialist or a revolutionary your never forgiven, better yet executed, imprisoned, property stolen, and never provided the same luxury as "amnesty."

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Yes but my great grandfather said, "It is better to die with dignity than to live a life of infamy." In Fidel's case he shall experience infamy and a death with NO dignity. He is surround by vultures shrieking over his corpse. I have not even earned 1 millionth in my whole lifetime of what Fidel has stolen yet I am a billion times more wealthy. One day we will both be dead (hopefully for me much sooner for Fidel). What I have said and done will make those who are left behind smile. But millions of broken Cubans WILL see to it that Fidel's name is rightfully placed next to Mao, Stalin, Hitler and all the rest of the historical butchers which stain our memory.

Best of all his attendants are sitting on too much money to remain quiet. All they have to do is get out of Cuba and write that book about "Fidel's Last Days." You see, the truth is too valuable too not profit from. We will know about everything Fidel has done including his painful undignified death unless the regime is prepared to follow the ancient Eqyptian model - execute everyone who has any knowledge of the last days of Fidel. Those who love Fidel do so for temporary personal gain. They are opportunists. But the vast majority will hate Fidel for eternity. We will never forget!!!