Friday, January 05, 2007

Code Commies!!!!

H/T to Stop the NCC for these pictures!


Fantomas said...

Pink Panther convention

Anonymous said...

Are you fuckin kiddin me...Can someone "PLEASE GET HER A HOBBIE"..I hate Pink..Gay color

Gusano said...

esa no es la jeva de Chavez?

Anonymous said...

Ok I want everyone to say it all at once, ready, ok here we go-


Don't you feel better now?

The cream of the crap in that photo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cubanos, don't forget to come see the new designs at-

Great blog ALFREDO!

Anonymous said...

what's the deal with the chinese slogans?

Anonymous said...


That's Korean - Sheehan was there about 2 months ago. The Korean blogging community went through the same head shaking that the Cuban one is now.

Was the "peace warrior" in Korea protesting Kim Jong Il and his numerous crimes against humanity you ask?? NOPE - Not a chance!! - she was protesting the US Army and the base at Camp Humphreys - protesting a relocation of the base which in fact will result in a drawdown in US forces. Amazing hyporcritical stuff from Sheehan proving she knows just as much about Korea as she does about Cuba.

If you can stomach more about Sheehan and are curious about the Korean trip then check out these must read blog entries here: (The first one from One Free Korea sums the situation up well)

"Granted, oversimplication is Cindy Sheehan’s stock in trade, but there is a point at which we all bear responsibility for the harm we cause through our stupidity. Not content to make Iraq into the new Cambodia, she has allied herself with the agents of Kim Jong Il, a man who is probably responsible for more death and suffering than any other living person. An exhaustive new report commissioned by Elie Wiesel and Vaclav Havel accuses Kim of “crimes against humanity” for allowing millions of his people to starve to death. That report helped persuade even the U.N. General Assembly to condemn Kim Jong Il for his atrocious human rights record. This, just a week before Ms. Sheehan joined up with a movement that now appears to have been directed in large part by North Korean intelligence"

Read the whole thing:

One Free Korea:

DRPK Studies: