Monday, January 22, 2007

"Cuba: Why I Care"


Anonymous said...

I care because that is the country my family came from, where they worked hard and earned their keep. I care bc God wants me to. I care bc I care. Got questions? Hang in there Cubanos what was was done to us is horrific . We are a strong people. Not too many can endure what we have bc God is on our side. Shit some people can't even handle gas prices going up a nickel. That has been the least of our problems. God Bless you my Cuban brothers and sisters, our day is coming soon and it will be a day of reckoning. No more taking it up the ass.

Ray said...

My parents came here with nothing and they became something, at 89 years old, they were separated so that their hard earned assets could be sold, some on the internet. My father died after being forcibly sparated from his 'vieja' You din't think this could happen here ! think again .

billhart_winterhaven said...

For some time now, you have been disseminating a blog called I have a rebuttal site. Please let both sides be heard and give the readers a chance to decipher the facts, but knowing the facts from both sides..
The abduction of Clara G Fernandez.
There are always two sides to a coin. In the case of Clara Fernandez there is the other side. This side is well documented and clearly shows why Adult Protective Services, the Monroe County Sheriffs Department, Winter Haven Police Department, the States Attorneys Office and the Department of Law Enforcement sees Raul’s story in a very different light. All of these agencies have examined the evidence from both sides. Here is your chance to see what they saw. . Please read it carefully. Most importantly, all the emails and letters written by Raul of elder-abuse-cyberray to his 87 year old Mother, Clara. Only then will you really understand the depth of the abuse Clara Fernandez really went through.

Sincerely William Hart –