Friday, March 16, 2007

The adidas outfit

The media is now proclaiming that the dictator will be back soon and how he is conducting his thug conference calls with the oil pimp in Venezuela. Wow, those dictatorcizes must be really working! Don't you love that red shirt that mini-me wears and that Adidas outfit that the dictator wears? While recuperating the dictator has been tuning up on other additional exercises:

No cell phones for the Cuban people cizes
Destroy all the crops in Cuba cizes
No FREE elections in Cubacizes
Raulitacizes(works the buttocks area)
dan rathercizes(a brown nose is required)
Restrict the internet to the Cuban peoplecizes
Blame everyone else for my failurecizes


El Gusano said...

hahaha that's good alfredo.
you need to take that act on the road!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and Genocideicizes too.Lets not forget mojonocizes !!!