Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Artist for a FREE Cuba!

CB at Killcastro has inspired me to write this post. Since no other artist except a few Cuban artist have songs dedicated or touch the subject of FREEDOM for Cuba and since we will never ever see a FREE Cuba aid or a comedy benefit featuring Robin Williams, Whopi Golldberg, and Billy Crystal that helps political prisoners in Cuba. El Cafe Cubano has a few suggestions for trendy benefits, hip comedy routines, and late breaking news shows. So without further adieu:

48 Years(featured on CNN and Univision)

A new investigative program featuring Lucia Newman and dan rather who both tackle the topic of Cuba. Lucia has extensive experience and time in Cuba, but for some reason never reported the truth concerning the apartheid dictatorship. dan rather brings his kiss ass, brown nosing style of investigative journalism concerning the commie dictator. Barbara Wawa brings her incomprehensible speech pattern to woo the dictator and her penchant for hard hitting questions like: "What's your favorite color, Fidel?"

Special Elian Coverage: Katie Couric
Wardrobe: Code Pink
Music: Carlos Santana
Producer: Ted Turner

Moms for Dictators

a new and inspirational group dedicated to help dictators stay in power and spread havoc throughout the americas. French kissing dictators is a must for success in this group!

President: Cindy Sheehan
wardrobe: Code Pink
Musical theme: Shiela E.

Univision sin Cubanos!(coming soon...wait a minute it's already here!)

Hip new Latino programing that contains no Cubans(except Cristina) or any programs featuring Cubans. The new programming BASED in Miami will feature shows only with norteno music, Mexican soccer, and international news with 99.9% coverage of Mexico. All soap operas or comedies will be copied from hit shows from other countries. No baseball here mis hermanos ONLY SOCCER!

The square Peg table( new take on mesa redonda)

Innovative political talk show featuring charles "raspy" rangel and jose "can't you see I am a communist" serano. The show that refuses to accept that castro is the bad guy and the U.S. is the good guy.

Only one guest: The dictator

Producer : Bill Mahr
News content: Danny Glover

The Real Cuba reality show

Trendy new show that surprises tourist and makes them live in Cuba like REAL Cubans. Picture this: no cell phones, no FREEDOM of speech, not allowed in any hotels that tourist frequent. Hey ladies you can supplement your lack of income by being a jinetera! Life or death reality show at it's best. Be careful, the rest of the world will ignore your pleas and heck, if you speak, you will find yourself in prison!

Commie rich kids and leftist intellectuals are highly encourage for this show!

****El Cafe Cubano inspired by both CB and Asha will post videos of those artist who never forget Cuba and who do not compromise their values! if you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Fidelito(who now goes by Red, Communista, and annonymous) again I am sorry to say, your out of this!!!!


Anonymous said...

I cant see myself ever buying an album with the che wearing dude. Hope this is cleared up bc this makes no sense.

El Gusano said...

hahaha alfrdo univision with no cubans! bwahahahaha. goos one!

hey no exercise shows? you know who is looking for a job