Friday, March 16, 2007

"Four Years Since Cuba Crackdown: Release Activists Still in Prison"

Four Years Since Cuba Crackdown: Release Activists Still in Prison

It has been four years since 75 peaceful human rights activists and independent journalists were rounded up by Cuban authorities, summarily and unfairly tried, and sentenced to prison terms of up to 28 years.

Their crime? Promoting basic human rights like freedom of opinion and expression and daring to expose their fellow citizens to ideas and literature banned by the state.
Since the March 2003 crackdown, participants in Human Rights First's Defender Alerts have sent thousands of appeals to the Cuban authorities calling for their release. Because of the international outcry and pressure generated by dedicated supporters like you, 16 of those imprisoned have been released on medical parole.

But 59 courageous activists and journalists remain in prison. It is past time for them all to be free. Many of those in prison are suffering from serious health problems, which have been triggered or exacerbated by harsh prison conditions.

On this anniversary, call on the Cuban authorities to release the remaining prisoners from the 75 held since 2003, and all of those unjustly jailed simply for promoting human rights.

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