Thursday, March 22, 2007

Forget Santana: what about Pitbull?


Charlie Bravo said...

That's one of our questions Alfredo, why doesn't she and Andy use Pitbull in that record? Would it be because Pitbull has the tendency of speaking the truth and call things by their name?
The same that we have been asking why couldn't they sent somebody to Cuba and do the same the director of Habana Blues did.... record live the music of the great Cubans who are risking their lives every single day in Cuba for their music!
Gorki and his band Porno para Ricardo are just an example!

Invincible Rider said...

Thanks for the support Alfredo -

Invincible Rider said...

Nice video. I have heard the song, but never with pictures to go with it. I get "goosebumps" listening to it.