Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let's really talk about taboos!

Charles"raspy" Rangel and Jeff "snow' Flake have laid out what they call a "comprehensive" plan concerning relations with Cuba."Snow" Flake will even headline a forum called:"21st Century US-Cuba Policy Initiative." The talk is always about the fascination with the dictator and again the "embargo" arguement. HELLO, McFly any one there? No FREE elections in over 50 years, one family has basically robbed, imprisoned, and tortured an island, yet no one mentions this? What about the apartheid system that Cuba enforces? No Cubans allowed to own any property, no Cubans are allowed to stay at any hotels that tourist frequent, no Cubans are allowed at beaches that canadians and europeans enjoy. NO OUTRAGE HERE? What about all the political prisoners? Do any of these politicians care or know who Dr. Biscet is or know of Guillermo Farinas? No, just the same old song and dance: Embargo. If these politicians and the media would really expose the horrors of the dictatorship, this apartheid system would have fallen long ago. Instead you look away and care only about the almighty $$$$$$$$$ and a possible photo op with crusty and crazy dictator.

No it's not the pesky exiles or the Cuban people snowflake and raspy, it's the dictatorship that's responsible. I thought the revolution gave you everything? That is why people are willing to risk their lives on rafts to get away from the supposed utopia. Funny how no one seems to mention this? Funny no one mentions the current mafia family that has ruled Cuba for 50 years, but we hear endlessly of the mafia in the 50's?

Yeah taboos, here's some real taboos that seem to escape some people:

the dictatorship stole private property and money that did not belong to them!(I think that's called stealing?)

the dictatorship has executed thousands!(Ibelieve that is called murder?)

the dictatorship has imprisoned and tortured thousands!

the dictatorship took away all FREEDOMS(Didn't God give us FREE will?)

why is Cuba one of the poorest, yet when the dictatorship first took over Cuba was one of the richest?

why don't REAL Cubans receive the same medical care as tourist?

NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING can justify what has happened in Cuba the last 50 years!

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Abajo Fidel! Que viva Alfredo!