Monday, April 16, 2007

A new low

Michael "el gordo mierda" Moore is taking a new low with regards to the ailing ground zero workers. He took some of those workers to apartheid Cuba for medical care. How low can you go gordo? Some people mentioned that you were given the Elvis treatment, but for the last 50 years the Cuban people have been given the shaft. Always the tourist, the propagandist, and the appeasers given royal treatment! You don't care about the best COUNTRY in the world, the UNITED STATES and you certainly don't care about the Cuban people.

If you love the dictatorship and Cuban health care sooooooooooo much go live in Cuba and get your RATION CARD like the REAL Cuban people do!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fidel pro democracy said...

Ya maybe the forced starvation diet will clear some of the diarrhea from his head.

Anonymous said...

Fat ass a-hole!