Friday, October 26, 2007

The call to FREEDOM

My fellow FREEDOM fighters, Mambises, a diabolical tryanny has reigned over Cuba for 48 years. Emotions are running wild from the speech of President Bush. The emotions run from "
it's the same ole song and dance" to "first time a U.S. President called Cuba what it really is"
What do I think about the speech? I have mixed emotions, yes I do believe that Bush really wants FREEDOM for all Cubans. Will the U.S do anything about it? No! Every nation has a right to defend itself, but not Cubans! Kennedy betrayed us and basically took away a God given right for Cubans everywhere to FIGHT for FREEDOM. No Cuban outside of Cuba can go and fight against the apartheid dictatorship.
The Soviet Union has collapsed, the communist apartheid dictatorship in Cuba never kept its word and spread guerrilla warfare all over Latin America. That's OK for the UN, the World, and the press. How dare Cuban exiles or Cubans inside the island defend themselves from the gangsters in Cuber! Am I wrong here?
The world has turned its back and ignored this human tragedy for 48 years, you are an accomplice to this tragedy, Cuba will be FREE, the truth will reign and all the atrocities will be known!
Mambises, it's time for Cuba to be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Are you advocating violence as the answer mr. illegal cuban? thought I was gone! Just on vacation away from you and tomASS

Anonymous said...

Hey buckASS.... How did your girlfriend Fidel come to steal power? Mmm.... was it violence?!... He surely was never elected because noone woul elect that a-hole. How's your pig ? Has he written you? Probably has smarter friends now like... Cubans. Boy...I'm sure he's glad he got away from you. Ok you cana go back too your richard simmons video nowaandstop looking at his ass.

Anonymous said...

spellcheck above lol

woul > would
cana > can
too > to

ok..... just wanted to make sure buckAss could understand my last post.

Anonymous said...

one more spell check

nowaandstop > now and stop

Just want to make sure buckly could read the above post correctly,because he doesn't have his pig to read for him any more.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Buck just be happy it's Bush in the White House and not me. If I became president this second, within 15 minutes there would be 50,000 marines landing in Cuba with orders to shoot dead resisters like you. You terrorists lighting fires and spreading diseases like West Nile virus will get your reward! buddy!!!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

What's the matter Buck? Truth got your tongue?

Asesor Homeschooling para Chile said...

Cuba sera libre! Ya viene la hora!