Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can’t put lipstick on a pig

Now matter how the media and apartheid dictatorship worshippers try to spin the retirement of the “reflective’ dictator, you can’t put lipstick on the transition(well actually raulita can wear lipstick) because it’s the same ole communist dictatorship. You won’t find El Café Cubano wearing a do- rag and doing a celebratory end zone dance. NOTHING has changed!!! Cardinal Bertone was in Cuba last week hamming it up with the evil apartheid regime. The “GOOD” Cardinal even celebrated mass with the MASS murdering apartheid government members while the Damas de Blanco were left outside and not even allowed inside the church. The REAL Cuban people banned in their own church. Political prisoners being tortured and serving lengthy sentences for defending democracy and God. Dr. Biscet serving a 20 plus prison sentence for speaking out against abortion and the evils of communism. Yet NO OUTCRY from the Catholic league or other influential religious groups?

The Cuban people are not worthy of the Vatican and of the media?

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