Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fast For ALL Political Prisoners in Cuba

My fellow FREEDOM fighters their have been some misconceptions concerning the fast. First: "Do I have to fast all day?" No! the fast is just being conducted on Friday mornings. You can set your hours and how far you want to take this! El Café Cubano is just calling for a simple gesture! These political prisoners are the true heroes and they are willing to die for FREEDOM! This is a time for unity not division. Is this to much to ask in support of the political prisoners?Political prisoners languish in prison in apartheid Cuba and the media ignores their struggles and cause. We must not forget our brothers and show them signs that we are with them and support them!Let’s show the world, better yet let’s show our brothers and sisters in apartheid Cuba that we are behind them!


Anonymous said...

Hola, Alfredo:

Es un placer anunciarte que tiene un premio para tu blog. Por favor pasa por el blog Resistencia Santiago de Leon de Caracas para recibirlo y aceptarlo.

Alfredo said...


Muchas gracias! Es un gran honor pero este honor no es para mi pero al pueblo Cubano y su lucha hacia su libertad!

Viva Cuba libre y que viva Venezuela sin Chavez!