Saturday, February 02, 2008

No..he will go down in history as a ruthless tyrant

Hollywood idiots since the beginning turning a blind eye to all the executions and the all injustices of the apartheid dictatorship.


Anonymous said...

I disagree! He will go down as one the greatest leaders that this world has seen. Being that you are alive during some of his years of rule, you should embrace him.

"In the case of Cuba, if our national hero had been born in 1823 and turned 30 in 1853, in the midst of a slavery-based and annexationist society owning large plantations and enormous masses of slaves, and without the existence yet of the powerful national and patriotic sentiments forged by the glorious precursors who initiated our first war of independence in 1868, then he would not have been able to play a major role in the history of our country.

That is why I firmly believe that the great battle will be fought on the battleground of ideas, not of weapons, but without renouncing their use in cases like that of our country or others in similar circumstances if a war is forced upon us, because every force, every weapon, every strategy and every tactic has its antithesis borne of the inexhaustible intelligence and awareness of those who fight for a just cause.

In the people of the United States themselves, whom we have never viewed as our enemy, or blamed for the threats and aggression we have suffered for more than 40 years, we can see a friend and potential ally of the just causes of humanity, based on their ethical roots. We saw this already during the war in Viet Nam. We saw it in something that touched us as closely as the kidnapping of little Elián González. We saw it in their support for the struggle of Reverend Martin Luther King. We saw it in Seattle and Quebec City, where they fought alongside Canadians, Latin Americans and Europeans against neoliberal globalization. We have begun to see it again in their opposition to an unnecessary war, without at least the approval of the Security Council. We will see it tomorrow, as they join with the other peoples of the world to defend the only path that can save the human species from the insanity of human beings themselves.

If I were to dare to make a suggestion to the illustrious visitors gathered here, it would be something that I can see you are already doing. Nevertheless, at the risk of tiring you, I will allow myself to repeat and reiterate: in the face of the sophisticated and destructive weapons with which they seek to intimidate and subject us to an unjust , irrational and unsustainable social and economic world order: Sow ideas! Sow ideas! And sow ideas! Build awareness! Build awareness! And build awareness!

Thank you very much.

Alfredo said...

Then why FIDEL do they imprison those who simply disagree with the apartheid dictatorship's official line? battle ground of ideas? You took power with rifles, executed those whom had different ideas, stole properties, and basically destroyed everything. Mr. AWARENESS, why can't the people of Cuba stay at hotels that tourist stay at, why can't Cubans own cellphones, why can't Cubans surf the internet freely, why can't Cubans vote freely(don't give me that crap of just one party..communist)Why is Dr. Biscet in jail? Sow ideas? what we need is FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM, FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM and FREEDOM!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Come on Fidel...don't be stupid. You took the bankers' money just like your greedy counterparts on the other side. You are bought and paid for by the international banker cartel. If you dare do anything against your masters your secret bank records will suddenly appear.

The bankers are waiting for your greedy ass to DIE! Then they will just keep your gold in their faults and think of it as their own from there forward.

So never claim intelligence! You were stupid enough to take the banker's bribe money. They've got you by your little balls. Stop crying about dying and go already. We'll see to it that you are remembered appropriately.