Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks for nothing Cardinal Bertone!

I see that Cardinal "Soprano" Bertone is worried about political prisoners. Oh yea he was so worried that while officiating mass, the Damas de Blanco(wives of political prisoners) were NOT ALLOWED in church. No mention of any political prisoner by name? "Soprano" Bertone goes on to imply that the embargo is "ethically unacceptable". No, what is ethically unacceptable is that of an apartheid dictatorship and these minor details:

-political prisoners
-those who have died trying to leave the utopia called Cuba
-raulita and fifo basically robbed everything in sight for their pleasure
-One family ruling for 50 years(I believe that would be classified as a crime family or mafia)
-No Freedom of speech

I have a proposal my FREEDOM loving brethren. Let's hurt them in the pocket book, for those who are catholic please refrain from giving a donation and simply put in a note that "no donations for the next two weeks because of the ethically unacceptable behavior of Cardinal Bertone in Cuba." My fellow brethren who are not Catholic please contact the Vatican and other institutions with your displeasure. DO IT! Let's move on it!

H/T to two people are very special to me for this idea!

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The church is confused. It cannot see that individuals voluntarily joining together as Catholics is not possible under a totalitarian collectivist rule that forbids any worship other than that directed to the state.

Cubans everywhere must swear off all forms of groups rights and responsibilities designed by our collectivist masters to enslave us.

Down with groupers like Buckeroo!!!

Long live the Individualists' Insurrection!!!