Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gabriel García Márquez a spy for Cuba

Gabriel García Márquez a spy for Cuba and now we can hear the gasps and statements;


"He’s really a nice guy"

"No, not Gabo he's for the people"

Well.. for us who believe in FREEDOM. We have known this for decades. How many times have we said that Gabo is a tool for the dictatorship brothers of Cuba? I have had eyes rolled at me hundreds of times for simply pointing out Gabo’s communist beliefs.

The very sad part is that Gabo was rewarded by the dictator with a mansion and many luxuries that is NOT accessible to CUBANS!

I am sure I will receive many e-mails defending the commie spy as a great literary scholar and a Nobel Prize winner.

For Cubans on and off the island he is simply an accomplice to a THUGGISH, COMMIE DICTATORSHIP!


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Anonymous said...

The comments by Gabriel Garcia are the only worthy things you can found in this lousy blog.

Anonymous said...

you suck pretty much too anonymous communist lurker!!!!