Friday, October 02, 2009

Michael 'El Gordo" Moore hates capitalism

"According to Fortune Magazine, Moore’s films have grossed over $300 million worldwide. His highest grossing film was “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which critiques the Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq and earned over $200 million worldwide. "

El Gordo's films have grossed over 300 million and he has the nerve to say: "Capitalism Did Nothing For Me"
Funny how the Chinese are celebrating the 60th anniversary of communist rule(get your barf bags out!) and mr. commie is not over there goose stepping with all the sheeple. Can you imagine him trying to make a movie mocking their system? This lexus commie should trade in his dorky hats and hang out with uncle fidel in Cuba and get in the ration line!
Yes, the U.S. has it's imperfections, but on any given day, even with the current economy and the job situation, give me the USA ANY DAY..GORDO!


Anonymous said...

The "Miami New Times" has posted an article, "Cuba's black market moves online with", that we think might interest your readers. Here is a link:

cubiche said...

the fat ass would be yelling "JAMA" in Cuba-LOL

Anonymous said...

Cubiche is 100 % correct but I need to add one thing fatass should be spelled FATASS in big bold capital letters. Gordo Mierda as Alfredo would say. Miguel El Lechon Podrido Rojo.