Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Book, Cuba 1952-1959: The True Story of Castro’s Rise to Power

New Book, Cuba 1952-1959: The True Story of Castro’s Rise to Power

By Jose Reyes

I am very pleased and most importantly, very proud to announce the release of a new book written by Manuel Marquez-Sterling. This book will reveal, once and for all, the critical events that occurred from 1952 to 1959 which led to the takeover of Cuba by Fidel Castro. There’s much more to the story!

Description of Book (Amazon Page):

Author Manuel Márquez-Sterling writes about Fidel Castro and his revolution from direct personal experience, as a historian with broad and deep knowledge of 50s Cuba. The author knew and had contact with many of the historical figures in the book’s pages. His penetrating analysis of the public and behind-the-scenes events clears the fog and shatters myths to reveal the real story of the Cuban Revolution. The book explains how Castro came to power through the convergence of rabid partisanship, radical student politics, media bias, and venal politicians who placed self interest ahead of preserving democracy. Facing a constitutional crisis, these parties espoused “the end justifies the means”, embracing political gangsterism and eschewing negotiations with political opponents- resulting in a power vacuum Castro exploited to seize power. Masterful propaganda cast Castro as pro-democracy hero, avoiding scrutiny of his plans for a totalitarian state under his control.

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