Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Nagin talks natural disasters in Cuba"-Updated***

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans is in Cuba for six days to "study the communist government's disaster response system." What? visiting a country that can't even feed its own people? When the destructive commie brothers took power, Cuba was one of the top producers of sugar and many other crops, so what happened? Mr. Nagin can also take these crash courses while in Cuba:

1. Executions 101

2. Systematic torture of political prisoners 102

3. Addition Cuban style 202(even though raulita says 2 +2 =4 what Cuba has done the last 50 years resembles: 2+2= -322/100004-4x-98764+ration books+ teenagers working in the fields x tortures x political prisoners x those who have died trying to leave the island/ millions that the catsro brothers have stolen from the cuban people millions in exile.

4. Discipleship 400; this course teaches those who worship castro and the revolution and who knowingly deep down in their hearts see the damage to cuba and it's people, STILL praise the failed system. ****extra credit to speak to the media about Cuba’s healthcare and eductaion

While completing these courses you receive a BS(bullshi..) degree in Communist propaganda studies.... YOU actually receive the diploma ten years later due to the rations and it usually comes as a roll of toilet paper.


you are really going to have to sit down before you hurt yourself chico, Mr. Nagin in an interview with the Associated Press has these Jim dandy quotes concerning his visit in Cuba:

"I think they do a much better job than we do on knowing their citizens at a very, very detailed level, block by block,"

Under Cuba's communist system, the government calls all the shots all the time — but during monster hurricanes that may not be such a bad thing, New Orleans'

-I believe mr. Nagin is also receiving a minor in embargo studies.

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