Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Cuba has bloated payrolls, Castro says"

I came across this article and somehow it declares a "stunning" figure:

"The stunning figure was revealed by Cuban leader Raul Castro himself: The Cuban government and its enterprises might have more than 1 million excess workers on their payrolls.

That's more than 1 million unproductive workers, out of what official Cuban figures show is a total of 4.9 million people working in formal jobs in a country of 11.2 million people."

Stunning??? Haven't Cuban exiles been saying this for decades and are treated by the media with scorn, yet JUST NOW A STUNNING REVELATION???

no chico...it gets better:

"That's part of the explanation, several economists said, for a calamitously overcentralized and unproductive economy that, for example, forces a tropical island to import an estimated 60 percent of its food. The Cuban government has historically insisted on keeping people officially employed. Unemployment was last reported at 1.6 percent by the National Statistics Office."

REALLY...I did not know this until just now? I thought it was because of the absurd ideology of communism?? Now tell me how is it that tropical island like Cuba before the dictatorship was the number one producer and exporter of suger and NOW HAS TO IMPORT SUGAR AND BASIC ITEMS?

Let's remove ideology for a minute...You have to be a complete moron, incompetent, or just basically greedy to destroy a beautiful, producing island to rubble! It's just common sense! Enough of the analysist, pundits, and so called Cuba experts!

So how can anyone with any ounce of common sense keep defending the adidas clad dictator and raulita...tell me how???????

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