Friday, October 14, 2005

Che Guevara Posters

Driving home last night, my daughter yells "Dad, look at the CD Warehouse window" I caught a glimpse, so I turned around for another look and wouldn't you believe it right there on the window a huge Che Guevara poster! I do not know if it's just this store or if it's corporate policy and all the stores proudly promote this. I have homework for all my freedom loving brethren, check out your local CD warehouse and see if they have the brutal terrorist displayed proudly, and if they do, contact the corporate office and do something for those who were butchered or killed in the name of communism.


Lunavox said...

Dear "Freedom Lover" Alfredo!

...and how many people have been butchered or killed in the name of freedom, democracy, profit and Jesus Christ...and how many will be butchered in the future in the name of anti-terrorism, humanity and justice?

As long as there are hunger, exploitation,discrimination of whole continents, races and religions, Che Guevara and Marx will still be alive in the hearts of the weak and the poor.

The hunger for justice and a dignified life can never be stopped by dropping bombs.

Best Wishes From Germany!!

Anonymous said...


This was a man better than everyone around him because he fought for mankind, the belief that we can all be better, equal in each other eyes, to rid the world of hunger, imperialism, racism and any other ism you can think of, what people only talk about he achieved.

what kind of crap is that for you to write, its people like you who destroyed him, what a stupid man you are!!

Alfredo said...

excuse me Mr. Anonymous(or is it fidel or hugo) I think you have it backwards,guevera butchered and killed many Cubans. Did you have a family member tortured or imprisoned solely because they disgreed with the absurd ideology of communism? If Guevera is your hero fine, then go live in Cuba, North korea,or China. You commies never come out and say what you are: communist, capitalist hater, and U.S. hater.
Everyone knows what I stand for and i do not hide: Freedom lover,anti-communist, U.S. is the greatest, and your dreaded word: capitalist.