Monday, October 24, 2005

Website and Book

Thanks Padrino for forwarding a link to "El Abuelito Cubano."

This bring me to another point, I have recieved several e-mails "why do you do this," "Is it worth it?" Let me tell you I do this for what I call the greatest generation is that of my parents. I have learned the value of freedom, hard work, family, love of country, and the unyielding spirit against one of the most brutal dictators in this hemisphere, from my parents, family, and our close friends with whom we grew up . Forget about sports heroes(I lovesports!)You Guys are my heroes, have set a great example and a very high standard,so when I see or hear people denigrading Cuban exiles or defending Castro it is a real slap in the face to what we all stand for. The greatest generation has achieved success in many areas such as education, financial , political, faster than any other ethnic group or immigrants that this great country has ever seen. My hope is that your generation will able to see the Castro regime fall and the real truth come out!!! So I say to you Mom, Dad, brother, and familia(Tio,Tia and cousins), Thank you for all that you and your generation have done
To my Grandparents who have passed away, all of your stories still live in me.
Mom and Dad, may you see a "Cuba Libre" and this is why I do it!!!!!

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You go cuz!!