Friday, October 07, 2005

"It’s all covered at Ché, join the revolution"

Here in my own backyard in the D/FW area, a restuarant named "Che" with its "culturally revolutionary blend of music" What? The hip, nuevo latino inspired chic restuarant is either ignorant of the atrocities of Che and the suffering of the Cuban people, or does not care?
Suggestions for new trendy restaurants:
Adolph Hitler Beer House
Sandinista Surprise Nicaraguan Food
Castro's Buffet(Ration cards required)
Red China's Diner(Sorry, couples with more than 2 kids not allowed-children must be boys)
Ted Turner's Southern Cooking (Sorry, No Cuban-Americans allowed, only commies, Castro-VIP)
21st Century Socialism Venezuelan Food(Park your car in back and leave your car and house keys for the "Land Reform" operative)

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Anonymous said...

You forgot one:

Raul Castro's Disco(Entrance in Rear)