Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Hey you so called "Hispanic groups" where are you? Oh! I forgot that if it's a Anti-Castro Cuban don't bother:

Arroyo 23 days in hunger strike, 18 days for Navarro: Arroyo replies to Cuban Cardinal's remarks on his hunger strike. (GUANTÁNAMO/CUBA/October 3/Puenteinfocubamiami.org) -"Please don't bother with medical attention unless it is accompanied with a reply to our demands" - reads the improvised poster Víctor Rolando Arroyo and Félix Navarro posted in the cubicle they both share since October 2nd, at the penal ward of the Guantánamo hospital.According to Elsa González, wife of Arroyo, who maintains a constant phone communication with the human rights activist in Miami Mayra Enríquez, on Sunday both women were notified that they would be allowed to see their husbands.A chair was placed next to where Elsa was sitting, they brought Arroyo walking and when he tried to sit down the chair broke in pieces and Arroyo landed on the floor. He stood up by himself, refusing any help from officers present. Arroyo seemed very yellow, was very thin and appeared to weigh about 55 Kilos. They were allowed to talk for about 10 minutes. In an faint voice but showing an incredible strength of spirit, Arroyo inquired about everyone, he sends and embrace to all of his family, friends and people who have shown their solidarity and who worry about him, as well as for those who are praying on his behalf. He understands the messages people are sending him, but reiterated that "his belief is to take this to the maximum consequences, there is no going back". "I am very concerned about Felix, I see him to thin"- Arroyo pointed out to his wife Elsa, who stared at him in astonishment and he then said to her- he said to his wife Elsa who looked at him in astonishment and he said to her- "Well, I can't see myself. How do I look? Tell me how do you see me?"- You look like who's been many days in hunger strike- she replied. He further asked:" Felix family, are they allowed to see him?", "I've been very worried about you, here alone. Now that Nayrelis (his daughter) is here I feel better"- stated the prisoner of conscience. Elsa conveyed to him statements regarding his hunger strike made by the Cuban Cardinal Jaime Alamino in Havana, Arroyo pondered, then replied: " The first thing I did when I began the hunger strike on September 10th was to entrust myself to Jesus. Let everyone know that this was the only thing I could do. I am not playing with my life, I am defending my life and the life of everyone that is going through the same tortures as me".Elsa is terrified, she is doesn't know whether to admire him or simply start crying. All correspondence written by Elsa which authorities confiscated were given to Arroyo. He told Elsa he spends his time reading them.He sends the following message: "To the priests in Pinar del Río, Ciro, Caraballo and Vicente, I have no words to express my gratitude for all they worry about us, as well as the support they give the "Ladies in White", to the parishioners in Pinar del Río, and his friends in Exile...he embraces all".Elsa pointed out that a single word from the proper authorities would solve the transfer. And further stated- "We are not requesting a specific region, even though the law recognizes that it is time for them to be transferred to a facility near their relatives. It is in the hands of the authorities to change everything, but it has to be now. Authorities have shown no will to stop this situation where the physical integrity of the individuals is at risk. This government presumes to be humanitarian, now is the time to show it. A dictator like Batista was capable forgiving the present ruler and also other men, then, why not treat these prisoners of conscience in a humane fashion. Tomorrow, the doctor in charge of the prison will provide Elsa with the latest news on Arroyo's situation and she plans to ask him if said officer has advised his superiors of the life threatening situation concerning her husband, so that nobody can say that they have not been properly informed.Sonia, Félix Navarro's wife, told Elsa that they tried to prevent Saili (Navarro's daughter), from seeing her father but she protested and was finally able to see her father. Felix is very thin, but is morally strongand reiterated that he shares Arroyo's firm position ... "There is no going back".Puente Informativo Cuba Miami/Information Bridge Cuba Miami calls on every citizen of goodwill to please call the maximum security prison Combinado de Guantánamo at: 011-21-38-31-02, and inquire as to the status of both prisoners of conscience and at the same time hold Lt. Colonel Reynaldo Fernández (director of the prison)- responsible for the physical integrity of both prisoners of conscience.Information given from Guantánamo by Elsa González Padrón, wife of the prisoner of conscience Victor Rolando Arroyo Carmona, to Mayra Enriquez on the 29th day of September of 2005. Given to the Information Bridge Cuba Miami for dissemination on the 29th day of September of 2005.For more information favor of calling to Mayra Enríquez at the 786-457-1995 or to Daisy Gil Ortiz at the 786-255-3356 This information was received by the Information Bridge Cuba Miami for diffusion on the 2nd day of October of 2005.

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