Saturday, October 08, 2005

Response to Nicaragua in Trouble

Great response to comments made by a reader:

The concept of Democracy as we know it in the United States has not materialized in Nicaragua and in most countries of Latin America. One needs to have a personal insight into the very complicated political scenario of Central America (beyond textbooks and the popular literature) in order to appreciate that democracy (as we know it) has not yet arrived in Central America. When countries like Nicaragua have political parties like the Sandinistas who often manipulate the transportation mechanisms during electoral periods to carry (bribe if necessary) people to electoral booths, then we begin to understand that people don't truly have choices or free will. They are simply slaves to the oppression of Marxism. Frankly, it is not even Marxism for this ideology dictates some degree of equality (in its pure form); the Sandinistas are capitalists with a Marxist ideology. They own houses confiscated from wealthy Somoza supporters and still enjoy fruits of their "revolution" against the Somoza administration. They threaten others and have been cited as being responsible for the death of innocent people including reporters, religious, and even lay citizens who simply get on their way of total control/chaos.The comment made that the US should stay out of Nicaraguan politics shows a certain degree of naivete of Nicaraguan politics. Currently, Nicaragua owns SAM (Surface to Air Missiles) inherited from the former USSR. If these missiles fall in the hands of potential terrorists, we may be witnessing yet another threat to our homeland. With ties to the Libyan government and other extremist nations, the Sandinistas, if they manipulated their way into power again, could potentially allow Nicaragua to serve as a bridge for Terrorists interested in infiltrating into the U.S. Restated, the U.S. has a direct responsibility, as it protects its citizens, in offering a voice of criticism to currently manipulative tactics from the Sandinista to derail the current government. It is in OUR NATIONAL INTEREST to have a Nicaragua that is stable with no ties to terrorist groups.Further, the United States has an ethical obligation to guide the world in its path to democracy.None of us would dare say that the U.S. democracy is perfect; however, it is clear that we have one of the best forms of government in the world. If you don't believe this, travel to other countries like Nicaragua and you will be convinced. Thus, it is our duty to provide a compass to nations experiencing crisis. It is the American way and it reflects the generosity and good will that the American people are famous for throughout the world. This does not suggest we should interfere in other countries' businesses; it simply means that we should provide leadership when asked. Nicaragua has asked the US to help and assist in bringing calmness to a very unstable situation.I know this to be true since I am from Nicaragua. I have never been involved with a political party from my native land but I experienced the brutal war of the 1970s and the traumas associated with being a refugee in a foreign land. Now, a proud American by choice (and not birth), I feel the right to call it as it is. Let's not be confused with the rhetoric of individuals who often oppose US leadership and call it (wrongly) intervention. Thank God for the U.S. and for its proactiveness; the absence of this would be catastrophic!


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