Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rumors concerning Fidel

You notice how quiet Fidel has been even with Hurricane Wilma. You have Raul taking on the enemy(The Hurricane) not the dreaded Yankees this time? I personally do not believe these rumors, but the speculation is that Fidel is in the hospital for some type of operation or that he is on his last leg!


Anonymous said...


These are just rumors as you said,what I heard is that the old fart is in one of the hospitals especially for foriegn tourist and is having surgery on one of his knees after another fall this past week. i am sorry to say that the dictator is still around.

Alfredo said...

Like I said before I do not believe these rumors, but posted it anyway to see if anyone had any information one way or another.


Anonymous said...

castro appeared on television sunday night. It was him or a stand in, but we will never know the truth. All we have is lucia newman down there praising evacutions and looking the other way concerning the brutality of the regime

tcbehn said...

Yes! Fidel is in the hospital getting his fangs sharpened for his next 20 year reign of terror. Didn't you know Werewolves don't die!