Monday, June 25, 2007

The blogging dictator continues to blame everyone else

The Adidas wearing blogging dictator continues his babble with a forked tongue. Guess who is at fault for the embargo? I know that this a tough one, ready Vern? He blames the United States for the embargo and for over 48 years has blamed the US for every failure that HIS APARTHEID DICTATORSHIP has produced.
Very simple fifo, just allow FREE Elections and FREEDOM for the people. No, it's all about YOU and YOUR family. You have talked about SACRIFICE for 48 years, but YOUR and YOUR family have lived in LUXURY(stolen that is)while the Cuban people have been shafted.
Hey Fifo, since you are blogging now, why aren't the Cuban people allowed to blog and express themselves? Is that the fault of the US? Why won't YOU let the PEOPLE have this FREEDOM?
It seems like it all falls on you!


Fantomas said...

Thanks Alfredo I keep telling Kill castro/charlie that the US is not at fault......the US is not starving the cuban people ..... It is fidel stupid

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

That's a ghost writer man.